Happy End (Englisch)


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15 Mai 2010
Ich denke ... nachdem ich jetzt so lange nichts Neues mehr gepostet habe und meine alten Threads sowie langsam zu Staub zerbröseln hier ... poste ich mal etwas Neues für euch.
Kritiken / Anregungen / Feedback sind / ist gerne gesehen und auch erwünscht.
Es ist eine Kurzgeschichte, wenn sie anklang finden sollte, werde ich mehr der Art posten.
Manch ein Leser nannte meinen Stil gar kafkaesk, doch lest einfach selbst,

Happy End​

A man from the opposite site of the street saw her standing there, he desperately tried to shout and knock against the window, but nothing except a hollow echo reached the cold faces of the ever so listening steel and stone monsters that won’t twitch with a single of their cold muscles. The skyscrapers will not rescue the young lady from the 31[SUP]st[/SUP] floor – so the lawyer picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1.​

Millenia, Centuries, Decades, Years, Months, Days, Hours, Seconds … The time for the rescuing teams of the fire brigade to arrive seemed mere endless. And she, the anchorless woman found herself standing there, almost frozen she stared into the deep of the grey asphalt jungle. Her heartbeat and breathing slowed down. The fresh morning air let her exhaled air look like little clouds, disappearing into nothingness. Just like her, who she had nothing left but the desire to escape this unfair world.

She almost became a part of the building, just her breathing and warmth distinguished her from the gargoyles sitting over her head. Those creatures were looking down on her, making ghastly antics. She could clearly see them sitting there on the opposite building’s roof, making fun of her, just like the children in the past did.
The world seemed to hush. There was nothing else keeping her from not letting go, she pushed her cold back away from the stone. She closed her eyes and fell forward.

She couldn’t hear a thing so she didn’t notice the sirens, the people shouting on the ground, or the police crushing the front door. Just in the second she let go a man grabbed her around the chest.
After this incident she needed time, a lot of time to get over the anger and dolorousness.
Eventually she met a nice guy. She started dating him and adoring him. After a few weeks they were finally about to kiss – but then strong wind emerged.

Her hair began to flutter in the wind and loud screams were perceivable. But then everything turned silent as the last time her beautiful, dark brown hair fell upon her face. The impact on the ground immediately killed her. No one came to save her, she was already dead inside. Her brain tricked her in the last few moments she had lived, or maybe she just wanted to die with a smile on her face.
At least she is with her beloved ones, now and forever.

Fiete Langohr

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1 Sep 2013
Eine sehr ausdrucksstarke und gut aufgebaute Erzählung. Hat mir sehr gefallen!

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