Geschichten Soubis



ich hab hiern kleines problem.. cih muss diesen 600 wörter text auf 300 kürzen... kann mir jemand helfen?

achtung: ist in english!

The flashy light nearly stabbed her eyes. She let out a surprised moan. She wanted to take a step back, but the gate was closed so she was forced to stay where she was.
She slowly opened her nearly closed eyes which acclimatized slowly to the daylight. She looked around shyly and searched for something she would recognize.
A huge lighthouse was standing on the edge of a cliff. The waves hit the rocks in spray. The air tasted salty and smelled like seaweed. Seagulls had their sharp cry miserably sound. The scenery seemed ghostly and the fishing village where the lighthouse belonged seemed lost in its own loneliness.
An old circus was standing in the middle of the fishing village near a fountain which was covered with green, grey and nearly blue algae. On the circus’ cover was ripped and mouldered while ravens were building their accumulated veins in the circus’ ’bones’.
She looked down at her feet. Her black shoes were covered with modder and more brown than black. She looked up as suddenly a seagull flew over her head, letting out a sharp cry.
Slowly she stepped over the old stony stairs leading to the circus. She looked around. The fishing village was abandoned. The relicts of a lifelong lived laid around on dirty ground, most of them broken and neglected. She reached for a little doll made out of white porcelain, the head unlucky broken, the left hand lost somewhere else, the long fair hair was dirty from brown modder, the blue eyes where looking at her in despair, in begging. She took the lost doll und went to the fountain. There was a slimy green water left in it. She shook her head and went to the lighting house. She wouldn’t wash this doll with such a dirty water. She went downstairs holding on the stones of the lighting house. Her knees felt like butter, her hands were shaking, but she went on without a rational reason. She only wanted to help this poor doll. She didn’t know why, but she wanted. She had to feeling that she had to do this.
She was now at the end of the stairs. The beach was lying beautifully white in front of her. Slowly she went to the seashore, only leaving deep footprints in the wet sand. She kneed down to the water and began slowly to wash the doll while her steps vanished, taken away by the sea and its waves.
When she ended she stood up and dried the hair of the doll with her black T-shirt. She smiled. The dolls eyes looked at her, without despair, without begging but with happiness and gratefulness. The girl smiled. She wasn’t afraid anymore. She wasn’t alone anymore. She went back to the fountain and found an old drapery. She tore off a piece of the drapery and bound the dolls hand carefully. She had a friend in this lonely place.
She held the doll in her arms and sang a song she remembered somehow from somewhere.

If Darkness is bright
It’ll be strucked down by the light
If you have a friend
This world is better
This world is friendly
All loneliness forgotten
All despair forgotten
Not alone
Not alone
Everything will change
From darkness
To light
If you
Have a friend

She stopped and looked at the doll which seemed to smile gently at the young girl. The girl smiled back. The world around her didn’t seem to be as adversely as it seemed to be before. She stood up to discover the ghost town around her.
Suddenly something fell down before her. She looked at the little thing. It was shimmering in the modder and she reached out for it. Carefully she pulled the cold metallic thing out of the modder and looked at it curiously. It was a little golden key, like she’d seen before.
She stepped back as a big huge gate appeared before her. She pressed the doll at her body, fearing what would come next. However she took all her courage and went through the gate….


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