Das magische medallion [english]


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9 Jul 2011

It's been a long time since it happened, I remember it well - the power of that medallion, tansforming humans to animals. At first I thought I had lost my mind, it was just downright crazy... too crazy for words. I can remember thinking how could it go wrong?

I was wrong. The medallion was destroyed but the curse still lives on. May God have pity on the poor soul who falls into its lap...


Part I
It All Starts Anew

Zuid-Laren, the Netherlands.
A quaint little town with its everyday routine: people go to work, people come home; children play in the streets... and a snooping raccoon, hanging around amoungst some trashcans...

Wait a minute... a raccoon? Wild raccoons don't live in the Netherlands! What's he doing there? Obvioulsy being a raccoon he can only be up to no good, and probably rumaging for food.

'Another fish bone... blegh... not even a whole one either...', the raccoon complained as he pulled a fish carcass from the pile of waste, he tossed it over his shoulder and dove back into the trashcan. He swished his tail in anger, smacking it on the metal of the trashcan, causing it to tremble.

As his tail swished and banged on the trash can he didnt even notice as the can began to rock, and before he knew it was tipping over. He rolled out from amoungst the spilled garbage and sat down, next to a mauled trashbag.

'I'm so hungry!', he muttered to himself, 'I could even eat a young sparrow by now!'

With a grunt he stood up on his four paws and took a good look around, 'Where the blazes am I anyway?'

He began walking down the alley, taking in his surroundings. A sharp tweet caught his attention and out of the corner of his eye he could see a small bird fluttering through the sky. It was obvious to the raccoon there was something wrong with its wing. As it landed and hopped under a bench it let out a small tweet, oblivious to the predator stalking it.

'Could my dinner be served?' the raccoon asked himself as he crept unsuspiciously around the bench, not taking his eyes of the bird.

The little bird hopped around, sensing the raccon. It shifted its head side to side, as if trying to make out what this strange bandit-looking creature was. The raccoon pulled back its mouth to reveal a row of sharp teeth. Without warning the raccoon leapt towards the bird, and grabbed it in his paws; hungrily he bit through the throat of the little bird! Once the bird had stopped moving the raccoon carried it to a nearby stream, and sitting on the waters edge began his well needed meal.

After his meal he licked off his tiny paws and walked from under the bench, letting out a hiccup,. “Ah, that hit the spot! Now for somewhere to digest.”

With a full stomach he pulled himself up onto the bench and lay there for a few seconds. He couldnt help but being startled as an old lady sat next to him, The raccoon let out a snarling sound , warning her with his eyes as he jumped off the bench again. Disappointed he waddled clumsily towards the center of town.
'Stupid lady...', he grunted, shooting vicious looks over his shoulder at the old lady who had began to knit a scarf. It was indeed the old lady that he met before. A nice old lady, in the mid-eighties now. Old and very wrinkly in her face. But her looks still remains dashing, even at her age! Looking at her closely an old memory snuck into the raccoon’s head, No, it cannot be... but it looks like her...could it really be her? The lady from years ago? He shook his furry head violenty. Impossible, just Impossible!

As his tummy started to rumble again he shamefully grabbed his ringed tail, 'Oh my stomach... it must have been that blasted bird! I ate it way too quick!',he complained. He looked up from his moaning just long enough to see the old lady looking at him, recognition flashing in her eyes.

Seeing this furry little mammal, she couldnt help but ask herself, could it be? The little bandit waddled over to the bench and with a small jump landed on her legs. He looked up at her, his black eyes studying her face. Curiously he began to sniff her finger and with a flick of his tounge began to lick her..

“You're a cute little fella, aren't ya?”she said softly, stroking his back. She noticed something red around his neck, moving the hair out of the way she realized it was a collar, “What's this?”,she mumbled as she inspected it. As she studied it the nylon of the collar against the fur caused a snap of static electricity, scaring both her and the raccoon.
“Ouch!”she exclaimed, pulling back her hand as the raccoon leapt from her lap. He looked up at her, his black eyes surrounded by their mask studying her expression. She looked back at him, a crooked smile coming over her lips.
As a bus pulled over the old lady stood up stiffly and grabbed a cane the coon had not noticed, she leaned on it as she walked to the bus turning as she climbed on.
“Bye Coon,” she said with a raspy voice, “I hope we meet again.”
As the bus drove away the raccoon’s stomache started to rumble again, his paw instincitvely went to his furry belly.
“Yes, that bird was a bit too much...” he grumbled, climbing off the bench.

As the sun was slowly beginning to set, the raccoon was just beginning to wake for his evening roaming. He yawned widely and stretched his legs out in front of him. Strangely, his right paw felt something in the dirt. Something cold and hard, he studied it with his paws, and felt it used to be round and silvery, now being broken off.

Panic began to grow in his mind. Oh my God, that cannot be ,he whispered softly to himself. That can only mean one thing. The medallion... has taken yet another victim of its curse. But what can it be this time? He looked around with both eyes studying his surroundings. All he could see is another raccoon, sleeping by the park pond. But where were all the people?

Slowly and still stretching his fur-covered body he waddled over to the unknown raccoon, crossing a sandy path, the sand tickling his tiny toes making him let out what seems like a little giggle. Behind him, his tail formed a trail in the sand, dragging it across the ground. Sneakily he softly taps the furry grey body of the other raccoon. But the strange animal didnt even budge. Instead it began to snore, and snore loudly. Again, our hero taps the other raccoon very softly.
Come on, sleepy-head!” he said, trying to wake up the other raccoon. When that didnt work he huffed and decided to try something else.
He crawled to the head of the other raccoon thru the soft grass, and looking at it, realizes its a girl... a pretty girl. With a sly curve to his lips that could only be described as a devilous raccoon grin he licked her.
Her eyes flew open as she awoke. Two little brown eyes opened up and stared right into his black ones. She blinked and looked around nervously as if he had done something wrong.
With a small voice she said, “who are you? Where am I?”

Yup, she’s a victim alright, he thought to himself. He’d dealth with more than one case.
Slowly he crawled to her so as not to startle her, trying to think of a way to explain to her what has happened.
“W-Who are you,” she stammered, “And why... am I like this? Am I dreaming?”
Our hero shook his head no.
She looked down at herself “OK... that coonsuit was a bit too much, but how... and where is my medallion? Do you know where it is? Did you steal it?”
Our Hero looked at her, his black eyes full of innocense, he shook his head know, still unsure of how to explain, of what to tell her.
“Do you know whats happened to me? Do you have something to do with it?” she asked as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Our hero shook his head violently, he opened his mouth to explain but she didnt give him the chance, “fine, dont answer me, silly boy. I believe you, I think. But I have two questions: is this for real, and where's my medallion?”

Great. he rolled his eyes, A female bewitched raccoon that keeps on asking questions. Just my luck! He gave a deep sigh, and decided he might as well tell her the truth. She wasnt going to stop asking questions until he did...
“OK, listen,” he began, “That medallion of yours. That's broken. It is kaput. Busted. Outta here. And about all the rest: I'm real, you are real, all this,” he gestured to the park around them, “is real.”
She looked at him stunned, and was about to speak but he cut her off, “Sorry... but you have been turned into a real raccoon. I don't know how that is possible, maybe that suit of yours was the catalyst.”
The female raccon’s jaw dropped, revealing sharp white teeth... she looked him up and down and he could almost hear her thoughts (oh my god, a talking raccoon!)

She was lost for words, and slowly she backed up... as if trying to get away from him. Now she really knews this was dream. Raccoons cannot talk. That's impossible! That's... insane! With her left paw she tried to squeeze her right paw... or what's left of it. She looked down shocked. Holding up her paw she examined it! Gone are her perfectly manacured hands... now they are grey with lots of black, hairy, sharply nailed and: PAWPADS! Tiny black pawpads on either backside of the paws. With a gulp she looked to the raccoon... it was true, she really was an animal... how was she going to survive, she knew nothing about being one.

“Impressive, no? I knew someone who actually transformed into a dolphin and another one into a killerwhale. But that was years ago,” Our hero says, a smug smile playing at his lips.

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